The BEST Vocal Education Available

May 6 to May 10, 2019

Join us for our 6th Annual International Singing Teachers Conference


Why you should attend IVACON 2019

The highest quality of vocal instruction

Learn what matters

Classes include vocal technique in different styles of music, song interpretation, pedagogy, vocal science, the business aspects of being a voice teacher and much more. We know what you need to be successful in your job, and we have presenters who are experts in their fields and are truly passionate about helping you to improve your skills.

The highest quality of vocal instruction

Learn how to deliver results—fast!

We don’t just talk about what to do; we show you how you can do it! Take a look beyond grey theory and be guided through practical application. Learn step-by-step how to make a difference in your students’ voices immediately, regardless of whether you want to teach pop, rock, classical, R&B etc.

The highest quality of vocal instruction

Start networking

Meet like minded people from all over the world, find ways to build your business and be part of an international community of experts on the singing voice.

The highest quality of vocal instruction

Have fun!

We are convinced that having fun makes learning easier for you and your students. That’s why we make sure you have fun at IVACON. From engaging and exciting classes to karaoke night and common singing activities, including choir sessions or circle singing, we know you will have a good time with great people!

Features of IVACON

Guest Speakers

Get access to some of the best guest speakers Europe has in the field of voice.

Variety of Classes

We hold a wide range of classes, from general sessions to practical hands-on-training courses.

Qualified Instructors

Our highly qualified Instructors and speakers boast impressive careers and CV’s giving you the best vocal education available.

Private Lessons

Private one-on-one singing lessons are available to purchase to enhance your IVACON experience.


This is our 6th IVACON and people LOVE to come!

IVACON Speakers and Instructors

We have some amazing speakers lined up to teach at IVACON

Charles Simmons

Prof. Boris Kleber

Stephanie Borm-Krüger
IVA Master Teacher

Andreas Grussl
IVA Ambassador

Jeffrey Skouson
IVA Master Teacher

Chelsea Wilson
IVA Ambassador

Kathy Kennedy
IVA Master Teacher

Linda Tomkinson
IVA Master Teacher

Spencer Welch
IVA Master Teacher

Heather Baker
IVA Ambassador

Roberto delli Carri
IVA Ambassador

Rafael Barreiros
IVA Ambassador

Sue Kingham
IVA Ambassador

Darren Wicks
IVA Advanced Instructor

Manica Smrdelj

Manica Smrdelj
IVA Advanced Instructor

Heidi Krenn
IVA Instructor III

Irene Shams
IVA Instructor III

Wagner Barbosa
IVA Advanced Instructor

Renee Maranan
IVA Ambassador

Mario Rossini
Guest Speaker

Ariel Coelho
Guest Speaker

Highlights from IVACON 2018


Photos und Video: © Rainer Mirau

Schedule - Monday 6 to Friday 10 May, 2019

IVACON 2019 - Baden Near Vienna, Austria
  • Guest Speaker Keynote
  • Charles Simmons: combining singing and workout with the VOXXBODY Fitness System
  • Prof. Boris Kleber: How does the brain influence singing?
  • Teaching Vocal Effects: practical demo with Prof. Ariel Coelho (online) and panel discussion
  • Mario Rossini
  • Teaching Voice Through the Singer’s Eyes: mastering communication as a voice teacher
  • Effective Lesson Structure: set your student up for success
  • Business Clinic: let us help you grow your voice studio
  • Song Application: making vocal technique work in songs
  • Building Vocal Style on Vocal Balance
  • The Tools of the Trade: creating effective vocal exercises
  • Assessing the Voice: how to rate skills in vocal technique
  • Class Choice: teaching the opposite sex or teaching difficult personalities
  • Thinking Out Loud: Master Teacher teaching demo with Q&A
  • Thinking Out Loud: Master Teacher teaching demo with Q&A
  • Class choice from different vocal styles: Rock/Jazz/World Music/Contemporary
  • Steps of Vocal Development: from beginner to professional
  • Leading Choirs
  • Can you hear what I hear?: identifying vocal function and development
  • TBC

Please note the schedule is subject to change

Frequently asked questions

  • Are hotel accommodations included in the conference price?

    No, they are not. Your conference ticket includes all classes throughout the week, plus the opening night banquet and closing day lunch. It does not include accommodation or travel costs.

  • Does the conference location offer accommodation?

    Yes, the conference location is connected to Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf, a 4-start resort and spa. We have arranged a special deal for IVACON attendees, so please go to the accommodation page for further details.

  • Are there other options for accommodation close to the conference venue?

    Yes, there are several hotels and B&Bs within distance. We have compiled an exemplary list on the accommodations page.

  • Is food included in the conference price?

    Only the opening night banquet and the closing day lunch are included in the conference price. Any other meals are not included. If you choose to stay at the Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf, your accommodation costs include breakfast every morning.

  • What airport should I fly to if I want to travel to IVACON?

    The best option is Vienna International Airport (IATA-Code: VIE or ICAO-Code: LOWW). For details on how to get from Vienna International Airport to the IVACON location (Hotel Schloss Weikersdorf), please take a look at our travel page.

For further questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page


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